Wildlife on Campus

Rocco has been inquiring into the wildlife on Moshi campus. His Central Idea is, “Human Actions Affect Animals.” He will be answering the following questions:
  • What animals are found on campus?
  • What is our responsibility towards wildlife on campus?
  • How can we encourage more wildlife on campus?

Final Reflections

I felt really proud when I finished my exhibition and relieved when we had the final party. I have learned how to use Photoshop and make a birdhouse. I enjoyed the party and making a birdhouse the most because in the party we got together to talk about something that is not exhibition and got party bags. I enjoyed making a birdhouse because it would be cool to see a bird in it. I think the most challenging part was putting the birdhouse in the tree because it was heavy and we had to nail really big nails into the tree. I would not do anything different because my exhibition turned out so well and I worked really hard on it. I learned that I can do many more things than I thought.