The Use of Toys


My PYPX journey turned out better than I expected it to be.  Of course there were some challenging things and some easy fun things. Some challenging things were when we had to research information and my topic was toys so there weren’t a lot of books in the library.  One of the things that was fun and not as challenging was doing the game, but of course one part of it was challenging like making it match to real life, I  enjoyed doing and choosing  my activities, there were so many choices to choose and I chose Timeline, Newspaper Article, Story, Activity and a Game.  One of the hard things were to write the reflections.

I was encouraged by Ms.Sarah, Ms.Zetah, Ms.Kacey, Ms.Pearl, my Mom, my Dad and my brother.

Overall my presentation was great and I was a bit nervous. I messed up a little bit, but I told them about my action which was donating toys and games to a school. Then I told them about my activity choices, my information and pictures.