East African Food
Madiba & Solomon

Madiba’s Reflections

The exhibition. The exhibition was a good experience.  I had my fair share of ups and downs. When we just started the exhibition I was really scared when the M1s came over and talked to us about the exhibition. It was hard at the beginning because my partner Solomon went to Dar because he got sick.  Solomon and I had a very slow start because he didn’t really do work at home. For our visit, Solomon and I went to a restaurant called Shukran Snacks. We got tons of information.  For our action we made a recipe book. I felt shy presenting to the students from Arusha but not to the parents.  I think the exhibition was a good experience. I have become a more experienced learner.

Solomon’s Reflections

PYP-X was harder than I thought it was going to be. I really enjoyed  the exhibition because I learned a lot about other East African cultures’ food habits. The thing I loved was when Madiba and I went to a place called Shukrani Snacks. In Shukrani Snacks the workers let us make meat pies, stir the rice, meat and beans. The reason the exhibition was hard is because there was a lot of stuff to do like planning a cook off, making a cookbook and creating a comic strip. I am proud of my cookbook because it has a lot of information about the ingredients. I am also proud of my comic strip because it made sense and it had colour. I really enjoyed the exhibition and I hope you do too.

Solomon and Madiba