Air Pollution

Tanya’s live presentation is above.

Here you will find her pre-recorded presentation:

Tanya has been inquiring into air pollution. Her Central Idea is “Human Actions Affect The Environment.” She will be answering the following questions:
  • What are the causes of air pollution?
  • What are the effects of air pollution?
  • What is our responsibility towards our environment?

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Final Reflections

After Presenting my Exhibition I felt really proud and relieved, proud because I finally presented my Exhibition and relieved because I can finally relax without stressing about my exhibition.
There are many challenges when you do your exhibition and mine is:
∙ When Covid-19 hit I couldn’t visit places and I couldn’t go to school and talk to my buddy.
∙ Researching, because sometimes I couldn’t find the information that I needed and when I looked at one website the other website was different.
I have learnt a new skill and that is learning how to make and put up a QR code. If I could change anything in the past I think with the questions people asked I could have talked deeper in the questions instead of a couple of questions.
I have learned that I really care about the environment and I want people to save the earth so then we can all live a healthy life. After doing all my Exhibition I cannot choose my favourite part. I have to say the whole Journey is my favourite bit.