Orphans and Orphanages

Mithra has been inquiring into orphans and orphanages. Her Central Idea is, “Where We Live Shapes Our Identity.” She will be answering the following questions:
  • What are the reasons that children enter orphanages?
  • What are the challenges faced by orphans and orphanages?
  • What is our responsibility towards orphans and orphanages?
Mithrah and Faraja’s Orphanage Visit:

Final Reflections

I am very proud of my exhibition because even though the world went through Covid-19 I managed to finish my exhibition!
Doing the presentation made me kind of nervous but after a while I got the hang of it and it made me excited to do a virtual exhibition.
Some skills I learned were to use many apps on google like google slides and google drive. I also learned how to use zoom.
The things I enjoyed the most were meeting the children in the orphanage, making the slideshow and also presenting on live stream.
Some challenging parts in my exhibition were Covid-19 because if it were not for coronavirus we would have gone to Maisha Matters and saw how the trainers train the moms and Faraja and I would have held a bake sale and a pool party to raise money for the Kalali orphanage.
If I could do anything different I would choose to do children’s rights, with orphanages.
Something I learned new about myself was that I am brave enough to present to a HUGE audience!
Exhibition was the best thing I have ever done so far at school and it was amazing working with my friends and throughout this amazing exhibition journey I have made myself confident and amazed by my personal work! I am very proud of myself for completing my exhibition. M1 here I come!!