Healthy Sports Life


For my exhibition I decided to do sports because it is my passion. My central idea is how sports helps people with health and to build a happy community. I had many goals for my exhibition and most of them I accomplished through my inquiry. While doing my work I was sure to stay balanced. I enjoyed researching, displaying my work though it was kind of a challenge.

For my action I decided to run a sports club to encourage people to stay healthy and do more sports. There weer some more challenges I had to face because people were not paying attention and not listening. Other than that our action went really well.

Presenting was a whole other thing. I had to present live and via camera. It was more nerve wracking presenting live because the Arusha kids came and I had to present to the head of the campus. I think the slideshow went really well. If I could change anything, it would probably be my display board. Overall, I think I did really well on my exhibition.