Children of Conflict


I learned that the exhibition is more about the journey than the final product. For my exhibition my topic was children of conflict. I am super happy with what I presented. It has been a long two months. I was feeling inspired when I read the story about children who escaped conflict and war. I was very inspired by Peter because when he was 10 years old he had to run away from war.

I remember my two favorite parts were seeing my grandparents walk into my presentation and hugging my mom after presenting. I am excited for my dad to see it online. I was very nervous presenting to everyone in the night. If I were asked to advise the new P6 class I would tell them not to stress. It gets very stressful at times, but you can always find a way. When choosing topics, don’t just choose what your friends do just to be with them, choose what you want to do so you can give it your best. It will make the journey unforgettable, because it is not about the final product, it is about the journey.