My PYPx was great. At the start I felt nervous, but then I was introduced to my mentor and shared my topic. My topic was poaching and my mentor Ms. Kacey. In the middle of the time I felt like I did not have that much done. I had only interviewed one person, but I was organizing another one. At the end I had everything done and was going to present what I had set up.

The things I accomplished were: my book which was my action, my interviews (I did four), my surveys (23 people responded), my poster in English and Kiswahili, my T-shirt, and my slideshow. The learner profiles I showed were: inquirer, knowledgeable, a thinker, a communicator, principled, open-minded, caring, a risk-taker, balanced, and reflective.

 I could never have finished my exhibition without Ms. Sarah, Ms. Kacey, Ms. Catherine, Ms. Alannah, Ms. Grace, Ms. Heloise, and my mom and dad.