Tanzanian Tribes

Reuben has been inquiring into Tanzanian tribes. His Central Idea is “Where We Live Shapes Our Identity.” Reuben will be answering the following questions:
  • What are the features of tribal life?
  • What are the challenges faced by tribes?
  • What is our responsibility toward the different tribal groups?
Our trip to the Maasai village in Monduli:

Final Reflections

I felt proud to present the work that I had done because it took a lot of effort and I knew I was ready to present.
I felt excited doing the presentation because I knew I had loads of support from my teachers and my parents. What also made me less scared was when I realized my presentation was the first one, once I was done I could sit back, relax and watch my friend’s presentation.
I learned a lot of new skills but the one I am most proud of is learning to insert a video onto Google Slides because it made it a lot more interesting for the people watching. Also being able to organise all of my research and findings into a more interesting presentation for my audience.
For me, the most enjoyable part of my Exhibition was when I got to go to a Maasai boma and converse with the village elders about their home life and what interactions they have with the Tanzanian government.
The most challenging part of my Exhibition was when COVID-19 reached Tanzania and then the schools shut down. It was challenging presenting my presentation when I knew later that week I was going back to the UK and seeing all my belongings packed away made me even more sad.
If I could turn back time I would try to use less words and attach more pictures and videos to make my presentation more interesting. Also I could read more books instead of mostly using the internet because the internet can sometimes give you information that is not 100% true.
I have learned a lot from this experience. It has given me more motivation and confidence to progress into a secondary school next year.