Stray Animal Welfare


The PYPx reflection was fun. I think my central ideas was covered because I talked about what people do to strays. I researched a lot of things about why we do not trust stray animals. During the presentation, I communicated a lot with the audience and was a risk- taker because there were people I did not know in the audience. I think I was an inquirer because I worked hard with my research. I was knowledgeable because I learned a lot about my topic.

I enjoyed everything, even the stressful parts of the journey to the goal line. Like collecting items for donation was stressful, but there was fun parts like selling badges to raise money for a donation to the dog shelter. The newspaper article and all the choices were so fun, I forgot about the stressful parts.

For the future P6 I suggest they do not stop working hard. When you reach the finish line you will see a world that you have never seen.