Raymond has been inquiring into poaching. His Central Idea is, “Human actions affect animals.” Raymond will be answering the following questions:
  • What are the reasons for poaching?
  • What are the effects of poaching?
  • What is our responsibility regarding reducing poaching?

Please take the online pledge not to purchase products using wild animal parts:

Final Reflections

Q. How did you feel about doing the presentation?
A. Nervous at first, but when it was my time to present I felt excited
Q. What new skills did you learn during the Exhibition?
A. I learned how to be more of a communicator and an inquirer.
Q. What was the most enjoyable part of the Exhibition?
A. The most enjoyable part of my Exhibition was making my donation box, doing my animal art and going on a trip to TPC.
Q. What was the most challenging part of the Exhibition?
A. The most challenging part for me was switching from real life school Exhibition to at home online Exhibition.
Q. Would you do anything differently if you could turn back
A. I would do nothing different to my Exhibition. But I would try to go on more field trips
Q. Did you learn anything new about yourself?
A. Things I learned about myself are time management, how to be self independent and responsible for my own work.