Access to Healthy Food
Akil & Ethan

Ethan’s Reflections

My PYPX experience was fun. I enjoyed it when Akil and I went to Maji Ya Chai Garden and learned new things about fruits, vegetables and plants. My least favorite part of the exhibition was the choices because we had a short time to finish our choices. The other hard part was that I had to work with Akil because we would disagree all the time, so it was annoying. When we presented to UWCEA Arusha and primary I was scared and nervous because it was my first time presenting to UWCEA Arusha, but it ended up going well. My action for the exhibition was a food drive. I think it didn’t go well because I was late to do it. When we presented to the whole school and our parents I was excited because my parents came to see me. 

For my conclusion I think the exhibition went well.

Akil’s Reflections

The PYPX was fun because I gained a lot of new skills. The most interesting part for me was the trips because I had so much fun on the trip to Maji ya Chai. The most nervous part for me was when we were going to present, because there were so many people and I was scared to present in front of all the parents and students. I learned a lot about communicating and asking for help. I was a risk-taker while presenting.  At the beginning of the PYPX I was nervous because I hadn’t decided what I should do and it was a bit stressful.  My action was when I challenged the whole school to a sugar challenge. In general the PYPX was fun.

Ethan and Akil