Power of Music
Jonathan & Kaisaar

Kaisaar’s Reflections

I liked the PYPX journey very much because it was challenging and exciting too. I loved it because I chose a topic I loved very much which is music. I enjoyed presenting and singing to the audience. I am very proud of myself because I finished my research on time and had a lot of time to practise my presentation. In my opinion I think I was great and I did a wonderful job.  I would like to thank Ms Sarah, Ms Zitha, Mr Samuel and my partner Jonathan and all who helped me in my PYPX journey for their support which made my journey smooth and interesting. Although it was challenging all we needed to do was to focus and be calm.

Jonathan’s Reflections

When I did my Exhibition, I enjoyed when Kaisaar and I put the board up and when and when I made a map. It was pretty hard but it was kind of fun putting the pictures on the different countries . What I did not like about the exhibition is when I wrote about the trip but when I went on the trip it was pretty fun. We met a man named Emmanuel who taught us a lot of things. If I had another topic I could choose, it would be football. I learned that there are many types of music genres like hip hop. The most rewarding thing about the PYPX was singing to Arusha. For my action I sang (We Are The World and Every day). In my opinion the exhibition was tough but worth it. 

Kaisaar and Jonathan