Eunice has inquired into deforestation.
Her central idea is “Human Actions Affect the Environment.”
She is answering the following questions:
  • What are the reasons for deforestation?
  • What are the effects of deforestation?
  • What is our responsibility towards our environment?

Final Reflections

How did I feel about doing the presentation?
I felt anxious about doing the exhibition but I was also excited for what my topic was going to be.
What new skill did I learn?
The skill I learned was making a google slide and recording it on zoom.
Another skill I learned was how to make a living wall out of bottles.

What was the most enjoyable part of my exhibition?
Presenting because i could share what I have learned with every one and it was the most relaxing part of it.
What was the most challenging part of my exhibition?
Making my clay model because the first one broke into pieces so I had to make a new one.
Would I do anything differently if I could turn back time?
No but I will do something with climate change because it’s something I will enjoy learning more about.
Did I learn anything new about myself?
I didn’t know I could make a collage made of tissue paper that good. At the beginning I didn’t know where to start from but at the end it turned out perfect.
What do I suggest for p5 next year?
Is to take as much research as you need in each lesson and don’t plan plans for the ending of your exhibition when you will be presenting because it might not go as planned